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Sales Consultant / Distributor

To sign up as a Sales Consultant / Distributor, just sign up at our order form, or call 1-888-455-5734 (Toll-free).

What we Need

We will need your info, including a social security number. YHI needs your social security number because once you order just 50 points in one month, or anyone else you sign up, you will be entitled to commissions the following month. We can not sign you up as a Sales Consultant without your social security number.

What Happens When you Sign Up? You can...

  • Purchase Wholesale
  • Sign Up Others
  • Sell Retail
  • Share with others
  • Earn 10% or 20% commission
  • Order direct with the company
  • Order via a toll-free line
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Able to purchase Virtual Office to keep track of your people and orders.
Click here to the Compensation Plan.

Sign up NOW!

If you are not interested in becoming a Sales Consultant/Distributor (Wholesale Acct.) perhaps the Preferred Member will better suit your needs. Click here for info.